The Freezefire 2.0 is a piston-pressurized soaker.
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The Freezefire 2.0 is a piston-pressurized soaker. It gets its name from its main feature: a wide refill opening that ice cubes can be put into in order to chill the water. Its handle appears to also be the reservoir of the soaker, similar to that of the Helix and Vaporizer. There is a strap point above the muzzle of the soaker. It also lacks a firing trigger, meaning that the user must continually pump the blaster to fire.

Official description
Freeze the competition with the Super Soaker FreezeFire 2.0 water blaster! It’s a chiller-thriller of a battle with this Super Soaker water blaster that unleashes ice cold water. Fill the tank with ice cubes and water, then pump to unleash a shivery stream of water up to 38 feet (11.5 meters). The tank holds 20 fluid ounces (591 milliliters) of water, so fill up the FreezeFire 2.0 water blaster and put a chill in the competition. Nothing soaks like a Super Soaker water blaster!
Super Soaker brand
Super Soaker is a brand of water blasters and water-based products currently owned by Hasbro.

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Gun-reach: 7 - 12 m
Method of performance: Built-in tray
Need a battery?: No
Recommended age: from 6 years of age
Size: Small
Type: Manual
Type of ammunition: Water
Year of publication: 2017
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