The NER FORTNITE HR is a bolt-acion clip system blaster.
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Záruka: 24 měsíců, Výrobce / značka: Hasbro

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The NER FORTNITE HR is a bolt-acion clip system blaster.

Charge into battle with Nerf Fortnite blasters that are inspired by the weapons from the video game Fortnite

The Nerf Fortnite HR is inspired by Fortnite gear and is styled after the popular Doggo's Ruff Wrap.

This is a manual magazine blaster for Elite darts (Clip system). The magazine has a capacity of 6 arrows.

Fortnite HR stretches with a solid integrated puller in the body. The interesting thing is that for full tension it is not enough to just make a "back and forth" movement, but it is also necessary to bend the tension lever downwards like a real repeater.

The blaster includes sights on the barrel. The blaster also has a fairly massive integrated stock.

The blaster is not equipped with any tactical rail or connectors for connecting any accessories.

Package contents:
Blaster - Fortnite HR
6 arrows ELITE
Magazine for 6 darts

Nerf Fortnite Edition
Fortnite is a Hasbro-owned brand of Nerf products, based on the popular video game of the same name. The edition is relatively wide and contains blasters of all kinds.

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Accessories in the package: 1x tray for 6 arrows
Gun-reach: 16 - 22 m
Method of performance: For trays (Clip system)
Muzzle velocity: 70 - 80 FPS
Need a battery?: No
Number of ammunition in the package: 6 Ks
Recommended age: from 8 years of age
Size: Medium
Type: Manual
Type of ammunition: Darts
Year of publication: 2022
Délka: 65 cm
Hmotnost: 1.32 kg
Šířka: 7 cm
Výška: 26 cm
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